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Welcome Back!

Welcome back,

Below are some articles you may have missed since your last visit. If this is your first visit, be sure to go to How to Use This Site to get started.


  • Narrowcasting and Newsletters
    Originally, I intended to write about Newsletters as a thing, but realized as I sat down that I needed to back up a step and talk about what I think …
  • What does Professional Mean?
    We talk about acting like a professional when it comes time to be a writer, but what does that mean? How do you get there? Mind you, there are volumes of books that could be—and have been—written on the subject, including some of mine.
  • Do I Really Need an ISBN Number?
    Do you need an ISBN number to sell your book? This question comes up constantly. The answer is, unfortunately, it depends.  An ISBN number is a unique number, attached to …
  • Market Report 4/3/24
    I have updated all the business reports in the genre guides. Let’s look at the headlines. Top Tier Genres Mostly Steady Most of the top tier genres stayed steady with …
  • Show Don’t Tell: The Bad Writing Advice That Sounds Good
    If you’ve been a writer for more than say, an hour, you’ve already received numerous pieces of advice on how to do it. And while a lot of it may …
  • Using Vellum to Format Your Book
    Though there are other tools out there, Vellum is simply the best we have found for formatting your book. Let’s walk through formatting your book using this excellent program. Start …