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Learn how to write, publish, and advertise your books. All in one place.

We are a team of full-time independent authors, here to teach you how to quit your day job and write for a living.

Chart shows Amazon royalties paid to self-published authors growing year to year. Starting in 2015, the totals are (in millions) 131, 186, 223, 268, 301, 377, 450, 520, and finally in 2023, 594.Additional text reads "Income from self-published books continues to climb and is expected to grow at a rate of 17% per year." Chart explanation text reads "Amazon Royalties Paid (in millions)

With traditional publishing, most authors never have a chance. But with the emergence of print-on-demand publishing the barrier to entry is gone and the game is fair.

Don’t bounce around the internet hoping that whatever information you find is accurate and up to date. We put everything you need to know in one place and we know what we’re talking about.

The Craft Of Writing

We teach you the skills and habits you need to write good books quickly.

At Written Well we teach you to:

Plan ahead

Learn about outlining tools that make planning and plotting your book a breeze no matter how many twists and turns there are.

Write to market

Research your target market before you start writing so you can “write to market” and help your book become a success. We provide you with constantly updated market trends and statistics as well as courses on how to study your prospective audience.

Draft fast

With the right tools, drafting can be fast and easy. We review writing tools, software, and even keyboards and office chairs, as well as teaching you how to write faster and more accurately. 

Revise and edit your own work

Save money on an editor and put more cash in your own pocket by learning to revise and edit on your own or by using a group of beta readers. Our list of automated editing tools can also help make the process fast and easy. 

Image shows three partial pages from inside Written Well. Top page is headlined "Write to Market and Category Research"


Learn the secrets to being your own publisher

Learning bits of information here and there can take forever. We’ve compiled everything in one place and organized it so you can find what you need instantly. Learn it all in one place with our Steps To Success course that takes you through the entire process.

Formatting your book

Using professional software to format your own book isn’t hard to do, and we have videos and articles on how to become your own formatter. We also have a list of professional formatters who do a great job for a reasonable price. 

Create your own covers

Learn to create your own covers with our videos on how to use free software to make professional graphics, or check out the list of our favorite professional pre-made covers for less than $100. In our genre guides, you’ll find out how to make a cover that sells in your specific genre.

Publish on Amazon… and beyond

Do you want to keep your book exclusive to Amazon, or “go wide” and put it everywhere with worldwide publishing services like SmashWords and Draft2Digital? We have authors who do both and will help you decide which is best for your writing career.

Keep readers coming back

Learn how to create front and back matter for your books that keeps your readers coming back until they’ve bought your entire catalog. Repeat business is huge for self-published authors.

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Don’t just publish your books, sell them! 

Writing is more fun with an audience. And if you’ve ever dreamed of writing as a side hustle or even a full time job, now is the time. For the first time in history, anyone can make a living writing. 

Learn how to promote your book

From social media to newsletters and podcast and book review sites, we can help you wade through the hordes of options to find the few that actually work.

Advertise efficiently

When you learn about click testing and A/B tests for your ads, you can create ads that are more efficient and make a real profit on your ad spend every month. Advertise your book and get a great return on those ad dollars with efficient our advice and a curated list of software to help automate the process

Build an Email List

Get great return customers by building your own email list and social media presence. Email marketing is consistently the most efficient form of marketing for authors and we can help you set up a list and create a lead magnet to bring in subscribers.

Understand the Numbers

The amount of market data writers now have access to is unprecedented. But it can be overwhelming. Not only do we teach you how to acquire and interpret the many reports booksellers provide for you, we do a monthly market report, detailing the wider trends and opportunities.

Screenshot from inside Written Well of an article entitled "Making An Amazon Ad." Text reads "To make it as an independent author, you need to bust out of your own social circle and into the wider world. There are millions of readers for your books out there — you just need to get their attention. Advertising, especially on Amazon, is an excellent way to find your readers.Amazon vs. FacebookThe only other site with the reach and effectiveness for advertising comparable to Amazon is Facebook. And though FB ads are useful, especially for direct sales and Kickstarter campaigns, the big difference in converting viewers to purchasers is that people are on Amazon to buy. Most people are scrolling FB for social rather than commercial reasons. That’s why Kickstarter ads work well there: there is a social aspect to supporting a KS campaign that goes beyond a simple purchase. But on Amazon, people are already shopping; they’re looking to make a purchase. And even better, given where you will be showing your ads, they’re looking to purchase books.So, let’s sell them some."


Become part of a group of authors who help each other along the way.

You can meet other authors on our forums that have been just where you are and conquered the problems you’re facing. Writing can be a solitary pursuit, but you don’t have to face it alone. 

Critique Groups

Constructive criticism from other authors is the fastest way to improve. And connecting with other writers and talking about writing is our favorite thing. You can join a critique group on our forums, or start your own!

Expert Answers

Ask questions of our experts and get valuable insight from the pros who have been there before.

Join a Community

Help other writers and make friends along the way. You won’t find a more interesting and pleasant group of people than self-published authors. 

A collage of posts from the Written Well forums.


Computers aren’t going to be writing quality novels anytime soon, but they can make your life a whole lot easier

Using everything from outlining software and text editors built just for novels to AI-based editing tools and market research software means that you spend less time on menial tasks and more time writing. 

Formatting Software

 Make your book beautiful with the formatting software we show you how to use. Whether you’re a Mac or Windows user, you’ can’ll be able to put together a good looking, professional book.

Cover Design Software

Believe it or not, our favorite cover design software is free. And we provide video instruction on how to use it to create covers that sell.

Editing Software

From simple spell and grammar checks to sophisticated AI-driven software that helps find mistakes and plot holes, your computer can carry a lot of the load for you. Let us show you the tools that aren’t just hype and actually help you write good, clean drafts.

Market Research Software

The best market research software helps you identify trends before your competition, find ways to exploit those trends, and even provides things like category and keyword research.

Image shows demo screens from two writing apps, Hemingway and Grammarly

Meet Our Pros

Book Cover
Adam Stemple
Genre: Fantasy
Specialty: Craft

Adam is an award-winning author of nine traditionally published novels and six self-published ones. He has also sold two picture books, three graphic novels, 20+ short stories, five poems, and self-published a five-part series on writing his favorite genre, How to Write Fantasy Novels. No one knows more about how to craft a story. In fact, Anne McCaffrey called his first novel “One of the best first novels I have ever read.”

Book Cover
Chris Wallace
Genre: Nonfiction
Specialty: Analytics

Chris is a world champion poker player with a number of bestselling self-published books on the subject. His insights into the numbers side of self-publishing, honed by years of running statistical analysis on poker hands, are unmatched. No one knows Amazon better than the man the poker pros call The Fox. Wallace also put together an anthology for Kickstarter that raised over $27,000 in his first ever campaign.

Book Cover
Blaze Ward
Genre: Science Fiction
Specialty: Business

Blaze is a full-time independent author who recently released his 100th book. He knows the business inside and out as a writer, an editor, and a publisher of anthologies and magazines such as Blaze Ward Presents… and Boundary Shock Quarterly. An expert on writing fast, writing a series, creating anthologies, and almost everything else, Blazer is a titan in the self-publishing world.

Book Cover
The Time Is Now

And the place is here. More than half the money paid to authors last year was to self-published authors and while traditional publishing is stagnant, self-publishing is growing at a rate of 17% every year. Don’t let another day go by without getting your books in front of potential readers.

Tatiana Fox, award-winning producer, director, and journalist

    Without Chris, we would have never finished our first book. His help was invaluable every step of the way… We managed to make a nice profit, too! 

    Tatiana Fox, award-winning producer, director, and journalist

    On working with instructor Chris as an editor and publisher

    Kelly Barnhill, Newbery Award and NYT bestselling author

      Finally! A guide to fantasy writing that is not only clear and approachable, but full of warmth and wisdom and useful information.

      Kelly Barnhill, Newbery Award and NYT bestselling author

      On instructor Adam’s book How to Write Fantasy Novels

      Amazon Reviewer

        This is a perfect story, the protagonist in an impossible hostile situation, a love interest (the source of a lot of the hostility). Well written, characters that you can believe in.

        Amazon Reviewer

        A typical review for instructor Blaze’s books

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